What may have looked like a great deal, is turning out to be nothing more than a fraudulent scheme.

A fake HEB coupon promotion appeared on Facebook this week promising customers a free grocery coupon to ‘”EVERYONE” to help celebrate its birthday. All a consumer would have to do is share the page on Facebook and click on a send button to select five groups.

According to HEB, this is no promotion of theirs. heb 3

Scams like these are used in order to send out spam advertising, or malware viruses. The hope is consumers will click on them and give access to personal details, or sign up to expensive text services.

Here are a couple of ways to spot a fake Facebook promotion:

Great prizes are always part of the deal. If you could win an iPad, iPhone, or hundreds of dollars, you may want to watch out. This is all a part of the scheme in order to hook the consumers into the scam.
No terms or conditions. You should be suspicious if you don’t read any terms or conditions. There should be some instruction on what happens if you participate and how you can win.
The linked site is not genuine. The site you are connected to may be temporary. In the case of this HEB promotion, the site was listed as http://traderjoes-comb948814e.letyuo.xyz/. This site has since gone down.