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Tech support scam pops up in the Permian Basin

BBB and the Midland Police Department are warning residents of a tech support scam that tricks you into allowing  remote access of your computer. Here’s what’s happening. Residents are receiving phone calls from an alleged Dell technician with a foreign … Continue reading

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FTC warns against new twist of tech-support scam

The Federal Trade Commission is warning the public on a new twist to the tech-support scam that tries to gain access to your computer by alleging to fix a computer virus. In this new version, the FTC claims consumers are … Continue reading

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BBB lists top 10 scams of 2014

Better Business Bureau hears from thousands of consumers and business owners every year about a variety of scams and frauds. Many are new twists on existing scams, but scammers get more sophisticated every year in how they spoof trusted names … Continue reading

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FTC shuts down tech support scam operation

Watchyourbuck has warned in the past about scam calls from people pretending to be with Microsoft or other software companies. Your BBB even got a call from someone trying to pull that scam (We didn’t fall for it). If you give … Continue reading

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Austin-area woman tricked by tech support scammers–Don’t be the next victim

An Austin-area resident was recently victimized by a tech support scam by people posing as employees of Microsoft. She got off light– a $54.07 charge that she later got back after disputing the charge with her credit card company–but for a … Continue reading

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Tech support scammers hit with $51 million judgment

Ever get a call from out of the blue, offering to fix your computer remotely? Hang up! No matter who they say they work for (I had a call a few years ago from someone claiming to be a “Windows” employee) it’s … Continue reading

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Software refund switcheroo – new twist on the tech support scam

Has anyone else gotten one of those fake tech support calls? I’ve had at least a couple of those. Someone with a strong accent calls and pretends to work for “Windows” or Microsoft Tech Support or whatever, and tries to … Continue reading

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FTC wins settlement from bogus tech support operators

Maybe you’ve gotten one of these calls before: Someone calls out of the blue, claiming your computer is riddled with viruses and wanting to “fix” it remotely. The caller uses technical jargon that may or may not sound convincing, depending … Continue reading

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