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What you should know about the IRS using private collectors

If you have debt with the IRS that’s more than two years old, you may soon get a letter from the agency that your account is being transferred to a private debt collector.

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IRS Warning Public of New Scams

It seems like every year scammers are coming up with new tricks to try and steal the public’s hard earned cash. With technology constantly changing, the ability to deceive the masses has become an easier task to pull off.  According … Continue reading

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BBB offers tips on choosing the right tax preparer

Need help filing your taxes? Your BBB encourages you to use caution when selecting tax preparation help. Using the wrong preparer could cost a lot–in IRS-related headaches, fines, and fees. Every year, BBB receives thousands of complaints against tax preparers. Complainants … Continue reading

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It’s tax time! Choose the right tax professional for you

Better Business Bureau (BBB) urges consumers to take do their homework before filing their taxes. When your employer hands you your W-2 form, it can be tempting to rush out and get your taxes done so you can get your … Continue reading

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IRS gives three-month extension to those affected by Boston Marathon explosions

The Internal Revenue Service has announced a three-month tax filing and payment extension to taxpayers in the Boston area and others affected by the April 15 explosions at the Boston Marathon. The extension applies to all taxpayers who live in Suffolk … Continue reading

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File your last-minute 2012 taxes the right way

The deadline’s approaching for taxpayers to file their 2012 tax returns. Better Business Bureau encourages taxpayers to use caution when selecting last-minute tax preparation assistance to avoid unforeseen penalties or fees: Get references and do your research. Get referrals from … Continue reading

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What to do if you don’t have your W-2

Employers were supposed to issue W-2s to their employees by Jan. 31. If your employer has missed that deadline, and you still need to file your taxes, the IRS has some advice. First, contact your employer (or former employer). The … Continue reading

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