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Scam alert: Fake FTC email pops up again

Just when you thought you’d never see a scam again, it pops right back up. That’s what the Federal Trade Commission is saying about a scam they first talked about in 2015. The scam works like this.

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Wire fraud scam targets real estate buyers in Texas

BBB and the Texas Association of REALTORS® warns consumers of online real estate scams It all started with one click. A few emails later, $50,000 was gone and a Texas realty company became the latest victim of a widespread wire … Continue reading

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Don’t fall prey to phishing scam targeting Charles Schwab investors

Several employees at Your BBB have received phishing scam emails designed to trick investors with Charles Schwab accounts into giving up their login information. This is similar to more widespread phishing emails that pretend to be from banks. If you … Continue reading

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Don’t get smished! Nigerian Prince (or heiress, or Hong Kong businessman, etc.) scam targets smartphone text messages

As technology changes, so do scammers. The scheme commonly known as the “Nigerian Prince Scam” has for years taken place mostly through email. (The scam might be known as “Nigerian,” but the crooks might be from anywhere in the world. There’s no way … Continue reading

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Don’t let your social media account get phished!

Phishing is a common threat to everyone who uses the Internet. Usually a phishing scam comes in the form of an email from some important institution like a bank with alarming information, like “your account is being closed” and a … Continue reading

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‘Your card has been deactivated.’ Translation: Crooks pretending to be from your bank are trying to rip you off

With many banks offering fraud alerts for credit and debit cards, it can be easy to fall for fake versions. Watch out for automated phone calls and text messages that claim your card has been deactivated. It’s really an attempt … Continue reading

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Scammers offer fake prizes hoping to steal your account–Don’t get phished!

Your smartphone is full of information and entertainment. Unfortunately, it is also a way for scammers to get to you if you aren’t careful. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is reporting a utility scam by crooks who pretend to be … Continue reading

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Warning to businesses: ID thieves have you in their crosshairs

Identity theft is a serious threat to businesses, not just consumers With the recent news stories about retailers having their records compromised by hackers, Americans are focused on the dangers of identity theft. According to a 2012 survey from the … Continue reading

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