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Scam alert: Fake FTC email pops up again

Just when you thought you’d never see a scam again, it pops right back up. That’s what the Federal Trade Commission is saying about a scam they first talked about in 2015. The scam works like this.

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Harry Black doesn’t know you and isn’t giving you part of his lottery winnings

Sometimes I like to think about what I would do if I won the lottery. Ever done that? If I won a big pot of money, I think I would give it away to random strangers I found by sending … Continue reading

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Beware of White Wedding invitation phishing scam

Have you received a wedding invitation email with a link in it from someone you don’t know? Or someone you’re not sure if you know? DON’T click the link. This is a widespread phishing scam going around right now. A … Continue reading

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BBB malware phishing scam makes the rounds. Don’t click the link!

There is an e-mail phishing scam making the rounds that spoofs the BBB brand and tries to trick businesses and consumers into installing malware that will give them access to banking information. BBB.org is working to get the malware sites … Continue reading

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LinkedIn users being attacked by phishing email

According to several websites, phishing emails are circulating that appear to come from LinkedIn. The emails appear to be an invitation reminder about an outstanding request to connect, but the links provided in the email do not take you to … Continue reading

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