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‘Rich father killed by Boko Haram’: latest twist to classic Nigerian Prince scam

The details change, but the scam remains the same… You may have heard of the “Nigerian Prince” email scam, where the exiled Nigerian prince needs your help to smuggle lots of money out of his country and needs your help. If … Continue reading

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Nigerian Prince scam comes with a Texas twist

Once you get wise to certain kinds of scams, you can spot them again even when they come with a different spin. One of the most popular scams on the Internet is the 419 or “Nigerian Prince” scam. In the classic version, … Continue reading

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Don’t get smished! Nigerian Prince (or heiress, or Hong Kong businessman, etc.) scam targets smartphone text messages

As technology changes, so do scammers. The scheme commonly known as the “Nigerian Prince Scam” has for years taken place mostly through email. (The scam might be known as “Nigerian,” but the crooks might be from anywhere in the world. There’s no way … Continue reading

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Want to inherit a fortune by pretending to be kin to a late oil executive you didn’t even know? Don’t fall for it!

How would you like to inherit millions of dollars from someone you’re not related to and probably never heard of? You’d probably like it just fine, but it’s not going to happen. If you take an offer like that seriously, the … Continue reading

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FBI agent David Jackson wants to help get your $10.5 million fortune out of Nigeria

An FBI agent just found several million dollars of your money that you were unaware of. Um, yeah right. I suppose some people might fall for this? A consumer just forwarded BBB an email that offers a twist on the … Continue reading

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US and Nigeria sign memorandum of understanding

I’ve got nothing against Nigeria. I have a friend from there who’s a pretty cool guy. One of my favorite musicians, Fela Kuti (RIP), was a Nigerian. But we all know Nigeria has been the source of a lot of … Continue reading

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