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What you should know to avoid Powerball scams

The Powerball jackpot has reached $700 million, making it the second largest in U.S. history.

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BBB Warning: Avoid Powerball Scams

With Powerball now breaking records for the largest lottery jackpot in history, Better Business Bureau is warning consumers that scammers will be taking advantage of the situation to trick people into thinking they are winners. The big Powerball winners will … Continue reading

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BBB warns of scams that target senior citizens

We all love Grandma, don’t we? She’s always been there for us. Unfortunately, scammers love Grandma too, but for the wrong reasons. Scam artists often target seniors because they’re more likely to be home – possibly even alone – and may have some money … Continue reading

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Jamaican man first to be extradited to the U.S. on charges in international lottery scheme

Your BBB regularly gets calls from consumers who were told they just won a big lottery prize–all they have to do is wire a few hundred dollars to cover some kind of fee. Of course, if they do, the money … Continue reading

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Did you just win the lottery or are you about to get ripped off?

The thought of winning a lottery or sweepstakes is pretty exciting. Who couldn’t use a influx of cash in these tough times? Unfortunately, there are a lot of con artists who try to separate you from your hard-earned money with the … Continue reading

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Jamaican lottery scammer goes to the slammer–but beware, he’s not the only one out there!

A consumer from Corpus Christi recently forwarded your BBB a “winning lottery” letter and check that were part of an obvious scam attempt. The lottery scam (often referred to as the Jamaican Lottery Scam) is all too common, and it commonly … Continue reading

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Two Florida residents arrested in alleged foreign lottery scam

BBB has been warning consumers about the dangers of lottery scams. You didn’t and can’t win an international lottery, no matter what the letter in the mail says. You’ll just end up sending hard-earned money to scammers for non-existent taxes … Continue reading

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Harry Black doesn’t know you and isn’t giving you part of his lottery winnings

Sometimes I like to think about what I would do if I won the lottery. Ever done that? If I won a big pot of money, I think I would give it away to random strangers I found by sending … Continue reading

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Jamaican lottery scammer arrested in federal crackdown

I hate fraud schemes in general, but I especially hate the ones that target the elderly. One such scammer may be about to get his comeuppance. Watchyoubuck has warned about pay-up-front prize scams in the past. You get a letter or … Continue reading

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