Lenovo to pay $3.5 million fine for selling laptops with adware that posed security threat

One of the world’s largest computer manufacturers has agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission and 32 state Attorney Generals for selling laptops that contained pre-installed software which compromised security protections in order to deliver ads to consumers. According to the FTC, Lenovo began selling laptops with a preinstalled “man-in-the-middle” software program called VisualDiscovery in…

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Don’t deny it, at some point in your life you’ve  ordered a gadget or product because of an infomercial you saw on television at 3 a.m. Whether it’s the lack of sleep you’re experiencing or the excitement of that “One-time-call-now-amazing” deal they’re offering, infomercials have a way of making people order products they wouldn’t otherwise….