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FBI: EMV cards still vulnerable to scammers

By the end of October, many banks will have dished out new microshipped debit and credit cards to consumers. Known as EMV cards, this new piece of technology provides cardholders with better security. How you may ask? According to creditcards.com, … Continue reading

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College students being targeted in phone scam

The FBI is warning college students around the country to be on the lookout for a phone scam. The federal law enforcement agency said they have received multiple calls from various college campuses claiming a caller has identified themselves as someone … Continue reading

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Creator of notorious SpyEye malware pleads guilty

Glad to know the developer of a nasty piece of malware is facing justice. Not so happy to find the malware is still out there, posing a threat to consumers’ finances. The U.S. Department of Justice recently announced that Russian … Continue reading

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Dirt cheap price for expensive cosmetics? Might not pass the smell test…

Find some expensive perfume or other cosmetics at an unbelievably low price? The deal might turn out to be too good to be true. The products might also be harmful according to the FBI, which recently issued a warning that … Continue reading

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Don’t get bit by the Beta Bot

The FBI is warning about a dangerous new type of malware called the Beta Bot that cyber crooks can use to steal your banking and other sensitive information. Beta Bot has the ability to disable your anti-virus software and block access … Continue reading

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Planning a trip? Don’t get tripped up by property or identity theft while you’re out

June is the beginning of summer and the kids are out of school. It’s a great opportunity to take the family on a trip and make some memories. Unfortunately, it’s also an opportunity for thieves to catch you when you’re … Continue reading

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Two Romanian phishing scammers sent to federal prison

Sometimes you get the feeling that phishing scammers always get away with it, that the best you can do is warn people not to click links in their bogus e-mails and other messages. That isn’t the case, however. The FBI … Continue reading

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FBI issues advisory about Microsoft Explorer 8 vulnerability

Better Business Bureau warns consumers and businesses about vulnerability to scams Better Business Bureau is urging all consumers and businesses to pay close attention to a Cyber Security Advisory issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding a vulnerability in … Continue reading

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