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What you should know about the IRS using private collectors

If you have debt with the IRS that’s more than two years old, you may soon get a letter from the agency that your account is being transferred to a private debt collector.

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FTC halts debt collection scam

An illegal debt collection scam that collected more than five million dollars from victims has been stopped by the Federal Trade Commission. According to the FTC, the scammers tricked victims into believing they owed payday loans. Callers would harass consumers … Continue reading

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Scam Alert: Identity thieves posing as government agents or debt collectors targeting consumers

Scammers frequently claim they are collecting child support debt The Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is investigating a scheme by callers claiming to be with government or debt collection agencies who have been attempting to steal consumers’ money … Continue reading

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FTC: debt collectors shut down for unlawful practices

Creditors may have a right to pursue their debt, but they have to do it legally. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) this week announced a judgment against a debt collection operation it says used abusive tactics and threatened consumers into paying … Continue reading

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No, debt collectors can’t put you in jail – Atlanta/Cleveland operation has assets frozen over forbidden tactics

We get calls at BBB all the time from scared consumers who got called by bill collectors who threatened to have them thrown in jail–or other such nonsense that bill collectors can’t really do and aren’t supposed to say. I’m … Continue reading

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Don’t get scammed by bogus debt collectors — or pushed around by real ones

BBB recently got a call from a consumer in the San Antonio area who got a scary phone call: A man claiming to be an attorney said she owed $7,500 and if she didn’t pay, she would be sued. The alleged … Continue reading

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CPSI collects consumer complaints of threats and harassment

BBB advises consumers to be very cautious when receiving collection calls CPSI Loss Prevention/Security is in business to collect debts, but the Corpus-Christi-based company has also collected numerous consumer complaints alleging threatening, harassing behavior. Better Business Bureau has received close … Continue reading

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to oversee debt collection

Consumers struggling with debt will soon have a new place to turn. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced it will begin supervising debt collection agencies Jan. 2. “Millions of consumers are affected by debt collection, and we want to make … Continue reading

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