Shopping for Father’s Day

Americans love showing dads their appreciation by splurging on the perfect Father’s Day gift. According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, spending habits for Father’s Day 2019 will reach an all-time high at an estimated $16B, up from last year’s $15.3B. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, you may feel the pressure to get him something in time. However, with projected spending per person being $139, you want to ensure that you shop smart to purchase is something he’ll love. BBB shares some tips below on gift ideas and how to purchase them safely online:


Over 45% of consumers plan on purchasing clothes for their dad this Father’s Day. If you’re shopping online, especially if it isn’t a company you’ve purchased from before, make sure you take the time to read the fine print on the return and exchange policy. If the company is running a promotion, be sure to check the exclusions. Remember, you can also check their business profile on

Gift cards

Is your dad picky about what he buys? Gift cards are a great way to give him a gift from his favorite store without having to worry about picking out a particular item. Before you purchase, check the terms and conditions of any gift certificate or gift card to confirm details such as expiration dates and whether the gift card can be used online. Additionally, make sure the security number on the card hasn’t been revealed prior to your purchase. This is a popular technique amongst scammers to get their hands on your hard-earned money.

Special outing

Interested in gifting a class or adventure to your dad? Be sure to get answers to these important questions beforehand:

  • Do you need a reservation and if so, by when?
  • What are all the costs and features?
  • Is equipment included?
  • Are taxes or any additional fees added?
  • Are there any time requirements or restrictions?
  • Are there any cancellation or refund penalties and/or policies?


Technology makes up $1.8B spending this Father’s Day. When gifting the newest gadget to your dad, be sure you wrap the gift in its original packaging and keep the receipt; if you need to return it for whatever reason, you may need the original packaging in order to process the return or exchange transaction.

Home improvement/gardening supplies

This year, the National Retail Federation expects $927M to be spent on home improvement or gardening supplies on a national level. As with clothing and tech, be sure you request a receipt and know the return and exchange policy. You can also give dad the gift of no longer needing home improvement and gardening supplies by going to to find accredited contractors and landscapers.

And remember, if you’re purchasing any of the above online, always pay with a credit card and allow time for shipping and delivery! Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

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