Catching World Cup fever? Beware of these World Cup scams

world cup.jpg

Every four years, soccer fans from around the world tune in and travel to watch the FIFA World Cup. Although many have already bought their tickets, some fans may still be looking to catch some games and flights for the right price.

Here’s where scammers come into the picture. Eager consumers looking for a cheap flight, tickets or gear may get tricked by scammers looking to get your cash and never provide you any service. Here are some tips by the Federal Trade Commission to avoid World Cup scams:

Beware of fake apparel sites. Fraudsters will often create fake websites for team’s who’s apparel is in high demand. Be sure to find out what type of reviews the company may have and if they have a physical address. Before you purchase your item, make sure you know what the company’s return and refund policy are in case you don’t like what you receive.

Be cautious buying your ticket from a ticket broker. is the official website to receive your ticket. However, if you are buying your ticket from a broker or reseller, pay with a credit card. Paying by credit card gives you protections, such as the right to dispute charges for items that you paid for, but never received.

Avoid prize claims. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Any emails or letters claiming you won World Cup tickets are probably fake.

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