Tech Support Scam Resurfaces

malware computer.jpg

After two years of being shut down, a Microsoft tech-support scam has resurfaced with a new twist according to SC Media. The anti-malware software firm, Malwarebytes, helped uncover the original scam two years ago and once again spotted the threat.

Here’s how the scam works:

A victim’s computer will receive a pop-up ad enabled with a browser locker to make it appear to the user that there is something wrong with their computer. After calling the number on the pop-up ad the victim is encouraged to download an app giving the scammers the ability to control their computer. The fake company then tries to hard sell victims into purchasing a “support plan”.

The con also includes an explanation of why the call is being routed to a non-Microsoft or Malwarebytes team. The pop-up states that all calls go through the company before being forwarded to their external authorized support teams. The scammers go by the names GeeksHelp and AmericaGeeks and were previously known as Geeks Technical Solutions LLC.

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