April brings warmer weather and deep discounts

iStock-lawn mower.jpgIf you’ve been planning on upgrading a home appliance or tackling a new remodeling project, now might be a great time.
Retailers often offer great deals on big ticket items this time of year. The products listed below were named by Consumer Reports to be available at their lowest annual price in the month of April. Follow these shopping tips for extra savings and put your tax refund to good use this month.

  • Lawn Mowers – Don’t pay for more power than you need. If your yard is less than a ½ acre, a basic push mower is all you need.
  • Gas Grills – If you’re cooking more than burgers and hot dogs, look for a grill with a large temperature range that also does well at indirect cooking.
  • Cordless Drills and Tools – Choose a drill that feels good in your hands. Check the drill’s weight and balance by holding it securely and lifting it to a wall as if you were to drive a screw.
  • Flooring – Bring home samples of your top choices, and compare them side by side where they’d be installed before committing to such a large purchase.
  • Vacuums – Choose the features that best fit your cleaning needs. Upright and canister models work best for pet hair and those with a deactivating brush help protect bare floors.
  • Pressure Washers – Buying a unit will pay for itself in a few years, but if you want to skip the hassle of upkeep and storage, consider renting one instead.
  • Room Air Conditioners – Choose the right model for your room size. This ensures the unit will work properly and save money on energy costs.

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