Jump into spring with a healthy clean


Spring has sprung, so show your home some love and give it a thorough cleaning! A good deep cleaning can improve your home’s air quality and your health by eliminating dust and other allergens that gathered over winter.
Start by cleaning one room at a time (this will help avert unfinished jobs and getting what you just cleaned dirty again), and work from the top down, inside to outside.

But before rolling up your sleeves, inspect your cleaning products’ labels and its ingredients. Those containing volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, can often irritate your eyes, skin and throat. Consider going green with natural products free of harsh chemicals that are better for your health and the environment.

To help get you started, BBB offers 10 spring cleaning projects to spruce up your home:

  1. Wash curtains and draperies
  2. Vacuum behind or underneath the refrigerator to clear condenser coils
  3. Dust hard furniture, baseboards, window ledges and blades of ceiling fans
  4. Steam-clean carpets, rugs and upholstery
  5. Replace or clean air conditioner and furnace filters
  6. Rotate mattresses and wash mattress pads
  7. Replace damaged tiles, and clean and reseal grout in bathrooms
  8. Clean built-up grime in the oven
  9. Clean out the dryer trap and vent
  10. Disinfect the washing machine

For more information on spring home maintenance and finding a trustworthy contractor, visit Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas at bbb.org/central-texas.

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