US agency launches investigation into Dodge Durango SUVs and Ram pickups


An estimated one million Fiat Chrysler produced vehicles are under investigation after reports of vehicles rolling away when consumers shifted their transmission to park.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  43 complaints were submitted from consumers who alleged their Ram pickups or Dodge Durangos began to roll away after placing the car in park and getting out of the vehicle.

The action covers the 2013 -16 Ram 1500 pickups and 2014 – 16 Dodge Durango sport utility vehicles.

The agency’s said nine alleged injuries occurred in eight reports, along with 25 crashes. Thirty-four of the reports alleged that the vehicle was moving while the driver indicated that it was in the park position. Many of the incidents alleged the engine was running, however it was noted as off in a few cases.

The agency noted that none of the reports indicated that the driver engaged the parking brake.

The NHTSA’s investigation will review the vehicles electronic transmission shifters and rotary gear controls.