BBB Historian tricked into buying phony MLB jersey


“If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

It’s these words John Etchieson, current BBB Historian and former President and CEO of BBB serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin, learned the hard way. It all started when he saw an advertisement on his social media account for a Major League Baseball jersey that he couldn’t pass up.

“I encountered an ad on my Facebook page that advertised an end of the season clearance sale of an official MLB jersey for 80 percent off,” Etchieson said.

Not wanting to miss the clearance sale, Etchieson purchased the advertised jersey. Ten days later, he became suspicious when the payment had been processed, but the jersey had not arrived.

“I had not received my jersey and looked at my bank account records and discovered payments had been made to a firm located in China,” Etchieson said.

Etchieson then talked with someone at the official MLB shop and learned that MLB merchandise is only shipped from a postal addresses in the United States. He also found out from the representatives that he wasn’t alone in this scam.

“’The representative said it happens frequently that the official MLB logo is stolen and used to trick unsuspecting consumers,” Etchieson said.

Etchieson also stated that the experience was something he will learn from, and that he will only buy MLB products using the official retailer.