70 people arrested in India with ties to an alleged IRS scam


Police in India have arrested 70 people in connection to an alleged IRS scam that took tens of millions of dollars from Americans and was run for almost a year in a call center outside of Mumbai.

According to Reuters, Assistant Police Commissioner Bharat Shelke said the alleged scammers posed as U.S. Internal Revenue Service officials and left victims voice mails accusing them of tax evasion and threatening them with arrest.

Some victims believed the threatening voice mails and were asked by the scammers to pay thousands of dollars to settle their cases. Scammers would also accept iTunes gift cards as payment.

The callers were trained to have a passable American accent. Additionally, they studied a six page script that detailed how conversations would develop and how to convince victims the scam was true if they had doubts.

Reuters said Assistant Police Commissioner Shelke estimates $36.5 million was extorted from U.S. residents.

Police have yet to catch the ring leaders of the scam.