Protection from Zika? Not so fast says FTC


With all the news around the globe regarding the Zika virus, some companies seemed to have tried to convince consumers their products can offer protection.

However, earlier this month the Federal Trade Commission sent  10 warning letters to online marketers selling products that say they offer protection from the virus.

According to the FTC, the letters warn the companies that Zika protection claims must be supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence in the form of well-controlled human clinical testing.

The products were different types of wristbands, patches, and stickers that supposedly repelled the mosquitoes that carry Zika or protect people from the virus. The letters also said the testing for their claims of Zika protection must use the mosquito species that are able to carry the virus — and must be able to demonstrate that the repellent effects last as long as advertised.

FTC said in the letter  the companies must review the claims that they made  for their products, and delete or change them immediately if they cannot be substantiated by scientific evidence.