IRS impostors tricking students into paying for fake tax


Have you heard of the “federal student tax”? Neither have we. But don’t worry because if you have, this may mean a scammer has tried to trick you into paying for a tax that doesn’t exist.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, impostors posing as IRS agents are telling students from various colleges they owe a so called “federal student tax”. To make the scam sound legitimate, scammers tell students personal information about themselves – including what school they attend.

The scammer demands the student to wire the money through a MoneyGram or another untraceable method. If you don’t do it immediately, the impostor will threaten to report you to the police. If you hang up, they might make follow-up calls with spoofed caller-ID information. The caller ID might say it’s 911 or the U.S. Government calling, but it’s not.

Remember, the IRS will never call you to ask for money. They will first send you a letter. If you get one of these calls, be sure to not give out any personal information and hang up.