Secret Sister Gift Exchange: It’s illegal

secret-sister-gift-exchange-postWith Christmas only a month away, many people are getting into the holiday spirit – including those on social media.

Many online users are posting about a Secret Sister Gift Exchange. The idea is to mail a gift worth $10 dollars to a stranger at the top of the Secret Sister Gift list. You then remove the name from the top of the list, move the second name to the first on the list, and finally include your name and details to the second slot.

Lastly, you send all this information to at least six of your friends.

In return, you’ll receive tons of presents from other participants. Sounds simple, right?

Well what you don’t know is the whole scheme is illegal.

The U.S. Postal Service considers it illegal gambling. That applies whether you get the request via postal mail, email, or social media site. Plus, some social media sites don’t allow their uses to participate in those types of schemes.

Additionally, the U.S. Postal Service it would be impossible for anyone to receive the high amount of gifts that are promised.

So if you’re thinking of participating in the gift exchange, you may want to think again.