FTC: Free phone scam targeting veterans

A scam that tricks consumers into believing they can get a free phone is targeting veterans.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers are setting up booths outside Veterans Affairs facilities offering free phones and cell service to veterans.

ID-100303666Scammers assure veterans the phone and service is free because of a government program.

Months after you have signed up for the free item, a notice will ask for personal information in order to see if you meet income requirements for the programs. After submitting the information, veterans find that are not qualified for the program.

However, here is the truth.

The notice is a ploy in order to obtain personal information.

But there is a government program, Lifeline, that offers free or discounted phone service. The program is supported by the Universal Service Fund, which all telephone companies and other telecommunications providers pay into. The requirements are income based and have nothing to do with if you have served in the military.

If you’ve experienced something similar to this, be sure to use BBB’s scam tracker.