What to do when your scammer is overseas

When you’re the victim of a scam, the process of retrieving any monies lost can be difficult. But imagine that same process, but the scammer lives in a different country than you do.

You might have ordered a product from an overseas company or have been offered a lucrative vacation package. The problem is bringing the scammers to justice.

Luckily, there is an organization that can help. bbb_cybersecurity_image_800x400 Facebook

While consumers know to report scams to the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission, many are not aware of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network.

So, who are they? It’s an organization made up of different consumer protection agencies from over 50 different countries.

Their website, econsumer.gov, offers consumers valuable information and gives you the ability to file a complaint.

When you file a complaint your information becomes entered into a database maintained by the FTC. According to the econsumer website, this information can then be used by different consumer protection agencies to investigate, uncover new scams, pursue regulatory or enforcement actions, and spot consumer trends.

The website also offers seven different languages other than English.

To learn more about the ICPEN, click here.