Don’t be deceived when shopping green

If you’re looking to change your lifestyle to a more go green attitude, you’re probably going look out for products that have green seals.


These seals tell consumers their packaging is eco-friendly. That may mean its biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable. The problem is when companies don’t disclose what makes their products green.

Warning letters were sent out by the Federal Trade Commission to five providers of environmental seals and 32 businesses using those seals. The federal agency claims they alerted the companies that their seals could be deceptive and may not comply with the FTC’s green guides.

Green Guides are standards enforced by the FTC for companies when advertising environmentally friendly products.

What the green guides look for is clarity when companies say their products are green.

So if a product has an eco-friendly certification, it also must have what the seal or certification is based on and it has to be specific. If the item says biodegradable or recyclable, then it follows the green guidelines.

It’s not enough to have a product say eco-friendly or green.

Next time you’re shopping for green products, check to see if the advertising is clear on what makes them environmentally friendly. To see an example of clear green advertising, click here.