Corpus Christ PD Cautions About Warrants Scam

The Corpus Christi Police Department is warning residents of a scam where callers are pretending to be officers.

According to police, a resident received a call over the weekend from a 361 area code number.  The caller identified themselves as Lieutenant Wade Harris and said a warrant was out for the arrest of the resident.  The caller then asked for payment.

The resident refused, then called the police department to see if what the caller had said was true.  Police found their was no warrant and no Lieutenant Wade Harris in the department.

As believable as these calls may seem, they are often scammers trying to use fear to gain access to your personal information. BBB advises you to keep these things in mind when a caller is demanding payment and claiming to be law enforcement.

Never give out personal information. A law enforcement official will never ask for personal information and demand payment for a warrant. This sort of behavior is a red flag for a possible scam.

Verify with the local police department. If you are truly unsure about what the caller is telling you, hang up and call the police department. Officers can verify if you have a warrant.

Ask who is calling. Ask the caller for their name so you can verify with the police department. Many times, the scammer will just make up a name.

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  1. John Stifler says:

    It’s totally a scam. I find some reports filed under a number with this 361 are code at just yesterday. My friend was also got called by that number, so I checked the number online and can find that it is just a fake police officer. Beware of such calls, dudes. Don’t give out any information to them.

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