Don’t fall prey to phishing scam targeting Charles Schwab investors

ID-10067364Several employees at Your BBB have received phishing scam emails designed to trick investors with Charles Schwab accounts into giving up their login information.

This is similar to more widespread phishing emails that pretend to be from banks. If you click the link and follow the scammers’ instructions, you will be giving up the key to your bank account.

The email we received contained the following message:

SEC Rule 17a-3(17) requires that brokerage firms create a record for each account with an individual customer.

You need to login to online access by the link bellow to avoid your account be halted by the SEC:

The email contains a link to a phishing website and states:

Barber Jack, Managing Director, The Charles Schwab Corporation

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If you receive one of these emails, delete it–and don’t click the link! If you have concerns about your account, contact your financial institution directly, never through an unsolicited email.