Email seeking gold investors — just another scam

ID-10073474Want to get into the gold business? Can you afford $30.5K worth of gold dust or $31.5K for gold bars? Or how about finding someone who can invest, for a nice commission?

Dream on. There is an email going around that seeks investors in gold bars and gold dust. Unfortunately, it’s nothing more than a scam.

A colleague at Your BBB recently received the following email:


Dear Sir / Madam,

We are into Gold business and also an authorized seller of Au dust and Bars exporter. We work with other handicapped Gold sellers as main source  and help them to export their gold to buyers. We have huge quantity of alluvial  Gold for sale at a considerable price which is below world market price. Gold  Dust $30,500USD and Gold Bars $31,500USD and we want only reliable and serious  buyers or brokers for a long term business relationship.

If you are interested, n do not hesitate to get back to us as soon as you receive this mail. Even if you  are not prepared to buy our Gold now but can get a buyer for us, we pay 7%  commission per kg to Agent/Mandate or Intermediary.

We are willing to go into a long term supply contract with interested buyer with view to develop many mining  communities and we also welcome serious buyer for joint venture in the mining  sector.

I wait to receive your response immediately.

Chief Donald Koffi.

Searching some exact phrases reveals that this email has been going around for a while, with variations. An almost identical letter has been reported, signed by “Yao Bamba,” “Mr Johnson Yao,” “Chief Samuel Behiri” and others.

The scammers are hoping that the victim will pay–they’re willing to work on you long term if you seem like you might pay. If not, they can get you with a check-forwarding scam–the 7% commission for finding a buyer could easily set you up: get a check, forward the funds, take a cut, and ultimately find out the check was counterfeit and have to pay back your bank.