Don’t get burned by an IRS scam!

scam-alert-pic-150x150The IRS impersonation scam really seems to be taking off. In the past week alone, BBB serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin has had a dozen calls from consumers who were contacted by these scammers. Scams like this have cheated consumers in the U.S. out of $5 million.

Check out this clip from KVUE about the IRS scam and how to avoid it.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, you should do the following:

  • If you know or think you might owe taxes, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and speak with a real IRS employee.
  • If you know you don’t think you owe taxes, report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1-800-366-4484.
  • You should also contact the Federal Trade Commission and use their FTC Complaint Assistant at  Add “IRS Telephone Scam” to the comments of your complaint.

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  1. dachsielady says:

    I received two calls from a 202 area code. Male Indian voice “Officer Melwin” said he was calling from the tax audit department of the Internal Revenue Service 1-800- 8641620. He said there is a tax evasion and fraud claim against me and that a warrant for my arrest is about to be issued. I of course should call the number for more information.

    I knew this was a fraud call but there are many ignorant or elderly people who might be very concerned about such a dire message.

    I would like very much to know if the IRS or the appropriate agency is able to apprehend and prosecute these people. We do not bother to report these instances because we never hear anything in the way of follow-up as to whether the perpetrators are caught.

    I think it is very odd that the perpetrators never seem to be indicted and fined and imprisoned for fraud. This makes the IRS look very bad for their negligence in these matters.

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