Want to comment about a business without filing a complaint? Your BBB now offers Customer Reviews

Did you ever do business with a company and wished you could post or read online comments at Better Better Business Bureau–positive, negative or neutral–rather than going through the formal BBB complaint process? Now you can at bbb.org/central-texas.


Customer reviews won’t affect a company’s rating, but BBB takes them just as seriously as formal complaints. “We verify each reviewer’s email address and give businesses the opportunity to respond if desired,” said Carrie A. Hurt, President/CEO for BBB serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin.

BBB Customer Reviews give additional insight into a company’s marketplace behavior. BBB posts customer reviews to its BBB Business Review once the reviewer’s email address is verified and personal data or inappropriate text is redacted. The business can also respond to the reviews. This information is available as part of a company’s business review.

BBB Customer Reviews are for the times when you aren’t looking for a specific resolution. If you are looking for a resolution, you can still file a complaint against a business. Businesses that receive customer reviews can submit replies directly on the review.

Reviewers can also add more comments to their reviews at any time or in reply to a business’s comment. With the addition of verified customer reviews, BBB shows an even clearer picture of a company’s track record in the marketplace.

Consumers are encouraged to make their opinion count by leaving a customer review about a business. To post or read BBB Customer Reviews, visit the Customer Review page and in the search box, type in the business name and click the link to their BBB Business Review. At the top of the page, click the “Customer Review” tab. Click the “Submit a Customer Review” link to post your own review.