“Sad video” tricks you into spamming your friends on Facebook, Twitter

Want to see a “sad” video of a woman getting a fatal beating during a fight? You might not want to admit it, but you’re probably at least a little bit tempted. Don’t be. KENS-TV and other news outlets are reporting on a scam going around on Facebook and Twitter right now that takes advantage of people’s curiosity to help scam artists make money.

fbThe video title is “[SAD VIDEO] Her head was beat in and she died during this fight (Press PLAY to watch)”

The link appears in your feed if one of your friends clicks through trying to watch the video. If you click the link it, you are asked to share before you can watch. After sharing it on your timeline, it will try to get you to fill out an online survey, which is how the scam artists make money. You won’t actually get to see the video and you’ll end up spamming all your Facebook friends. (I did a search and found out the fight in the picture is actually on Youtube and nobody died–which is a good thing.)

If you did click the link, delete the post from your timeline and let your friends know it’s a scam.

Similar scams circulate on social media all the time. WatchYourBuck previously posted about a supposed gory video of actor Paul Walker’s fatal car crash and a supposed “mystery solved” video claiming to show what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.