New report of bogus BBB ‘are you planning to move your business?’ calls

scam-alert-pic-150x150Your BBB just got a report from a business that received a type of scam phone call we’ve reported on in the past.

The scammer falsely claimed to be with Better Business Bureau, asked the business for information about any plans to move their business and offered to help them find a location. The call came from (882) 014-0105. The number was probably spoofed. If you try to call it back, you get an automated message stating the number doesn’t accept return calls.

A quick web search for the phone number and found reports of similar calls–people asking businesses about plans to move. Some complaints stated the caller claimed to be with a government agency. Some reported the caller hung up when they began asking questions. (Best thing to do if you get a call like that is hang up.)

The incident is similar to one we reported on this blog in June 2013. As we said back then, BBB doesn’t make calls like that. We might sometimes call to update or verify an address, but we do not and would not ask companies if they are planning to move.