Laredo man sentenced for ripping off retired chaplain

ID-100128578Tonie P of Laredo (“P” is his actual last name–he had it legally changed from Perez) received a 10-year prison sentence last month for fraud against a retired U.S. Army chaplain and priest.

P, a former hairdresser, convinced the former chaplain that he had a multi-million dollar inheritance on the way and needed $100,000 to help him obtain it. The former chaplain, who was in his 80s when the scam took place, was to have been reimbursed when the inheritance turned up. Only problem: the inheritance didn’t exist.

The case was investigated by the Texas State Securities Board and referred for prosecution to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office. On Nov. 6, the 226th District Court of Bexar County, sentenced P to 10 years in state prison and ordered him to pay back the $100,000, though the Bexar County DA believes the loss was greater than $100,000. 

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