Work-at-home still a scary proposition — even if it’s ‘temporary’

scam-alert-pic-150x150BBB has warned before about the dangers of taking on work-at-home opportunities–there are so many opportunities to get ripped off. But con artists are pretty crafty. That’s their business. What if they convinced you it wasn’t really a work-at-home job?

A consumer from Mexia, Texas recently got taken by that ruse. She says she never would have considered the offer if it had been presented as a work-at-home job, but she was about to move to Houston and the scammers convinced her they were about to open an office there soon. All she had to do was work at home for a short time, then she could go work in their new office.

Then… Classic counterfeit check/wire transfer scam. They sent her a check for $2,680 for supplies she would need for the job.  She cashed the check, then wired a big chunk of the money to someone who was supposed to send her the supplies.

Long story short, the check was counterfeit. She now owes her bank $2,400.

The counterfeit check scam is also one we’ve posted about on Con artists can alter real checks and produce counterfeits that will fool a bank temporarily. But when it turns out to be fake, you’ll be left holding the bag.