No, debt collectors can’t put you in jail – Atlanta/Cleveland operation has assets frozen over forbidden tactics

ID-100128578We get calls at BBB all the time from scared consumers who got called by bill collectors who threatened to have them thrown in jail–or other such nonsense that bill collectors can’t really do and aren’t supposed to say. I’m happy to see some of these unethical folks get their comeuppance.

A federal court just cracked down on one such operation at the request of the Federal Trade Commission, freezing its assets so consumers can be compensated. The bill collectors, based in Atlanta and Cleveland, allegedly used threats and other tactics to collect phantom payday loans that either were not owed, or were not owed to the defendants.

Defendants named in the FTC complaint include Lisa J. Jeter, Nichole C. Anderson, Hope V. Wilson, Angela J. Triplett, DeMarra J. Massey, and their companies Pinnacle Payment Services, LLC, Velocity Payment Solutions, LLC, Heritage Capital Services, LLC, Performance Payment Processing, LLC, Credit Source Plus, LLC (Ohio), Credit Source Plus, LLC (Georgia), Reliable Resolution, LLC, Premium Express Processing, LLC (Ohio), and Premium Express Processing, LLC (Atlanta).

There have been other recent FTC cases against allegedly fraudulent online payday loan-related businesses. These include American Credit Crunchers, LLCBroadway Global Master Inc.,Pro Credit, and Vantage Funding.