Just Cleaning Company gets messy reputation

ID-1008377BBB advises consumers about company’s service 

Just Cleaning Company advertises a 100 percent guarantee, but customer complaints to Better Business Bureau suggest they were unable to get their money’s worth.

As of Sept. 30, BBB has received 55 complaints over the past three years. The company failed to respond to 11 of those complaints.

The company is based in Round Rock, but has locations in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio and Atlanta.

BBB has found that the company has a pattern of disputes alleging substandard service. Complaints include reports of hiring the company with little cleaning done and paying for services that weren’t rendered.

Just Cleaning Company responded to some BBB complaints with offers to reclean or issued refunds, but has not responded to any complaints since April.

Kristi Regalado said she hired Just Cleaning Company to clean her mother’s home in Spring Branch, near San Antonio, Texas. She said the company did an unsatisfactory job and it took weeks of effort to get the company to give her credit for the poor service.

“It took a while to get credit for the service they did not do,” Regalado said. “The cleaners called two hours late and asked if they could come the next day. My sister said yes. Then they showed up two hours late and didn’t do a good job. They say they have a 100 percent guarantee, but it’s really hard to get hold of anyone at their office. Finally they sent someone with a supervisor. They did the cleaning job again, but they charged again. It took two weeks to get credit back.”

Patricia Hobbs of Cypress, Texas, said she was unable to get an acceptable cleaning job or a refund from Just Cleaning Company. She said the maids sent by Just Cleaning Company left a mess behind and the company didn’t offer to clean it for free.

“On the initial visit, I gave them a checklist,” Hobbs said. “They said, ‘We don’t need it.’ I noticed the water they were using to mop was black. They didn’t change the water. The counter and refrigerator were covered with smears. I left a message and they called back. She told me the next time they would send a really good person. They didn’t offer to do the job for free or give a refund.”

Hobbs said the company quit responding to her phone calls, messages and her complaint to BBB. “I finally got the fee put back on my card by disputing the charge with the credit card company.”

Just Cleaning Company’s website, justcleaningco.com, states that the company is bonded and insured against theft, but Jimmy Fletcher of Ft. Worth, Texas says that the company refused to take responsibility when his son’s iPod was allegedly stolen after a cleaning by Just Cleaning Company. He states that the company refuses to take responsibility or reimburse for the alleged theft.

“We came home and they had cleaned the house,” Fletcher said. “My son went in his room and his iPod was gone. They acted like they were going to do something about it for about six weeks. Then they told me ‘She said she didn’t take it.’ Then they told me to get lost.”

BBB offers the following tips for hiring a cleaning company:

  • Start with trust. Check the company’s BBB Business Review at bbb.org before hiring their services to see its BBB rating, complaint history and more.
  • Make sure the company is bonded and insured. This protects you against damaged, stolen or broken items. Ask the company if they have a procedure in place to investigate a lost item.
  • Find out who the maids are. Ask the company if the cleaning staff is employed by them or if they subcontract the work or use temporary employees. Do they perform background checks on their employees?
  • Check for Workers Comp. Does the company carry worker’s compensation insurance to protect you against accidents? Carrying the insurance will ensure you are not responsible for any physical accidents that may occur when the worker is at your home.
  • Check for references. Request references of other homeowners who have used their services. Use a service that has repeat customers and a solid business history.
  • Find out who buys supplies. Inquire if the company provides the cleaning supplies or if it is up to you to have cleaning supplies on hand.