1. theres a woman by the name of shannon voiles who says she works for facebook and i won a million dollars and im suppose to contact david alfrado with some personal information and i beleive this is a scam so im letting everyone know i did not give out any personal information but you need to find these people before its to late

    1. Good job being skeptical. There are a lot of scam artists out there.

  2. carol bishop says:

    i was contacted 3 different times yesterday and today about facebook lottery i have all the names and emails they sent to me! 1. tina rose 2. james brain 3. ben morgan they will not leave me alone! im very new to facebook and i did not fall for this oh i played along trying to get info so just letting someone know!! thank you!!!

  3. Brian Hirsch says:

    I was contacted today by a woman who said her name was Susan John and she was an agent for the facebook lottery and said I won $350.000.000. I called her on it and said I was contacting the police. and with in 3 min her profile and everything was gone.

  4. mindy says:

    I was contacted by a lady that goes by the name of Wright Barbara tried this on me just afew mintues ago.

  5. Carlos Simmons says:

    Yes I just got notified of such scam. It was a family friend on facet that I had won. I became suspicious after I saw the decimal was in wrong spot of the winnings. Thanks for alert

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