Don’t get bit by the Beta Bot

Beta bot popup

The FBI is warning about a dangerous new type of malware called the Beta Bot that cyber crooks can use to steal your banking and other sensitive information. Beta Bot has the ability to disable your anti-virus software and block access to security websites.

One way the malware spreads is through an official-looking Microsoft Windows message box. If you see a popup for Windows Command Processor like the image above or something similar and you didn’t request it or weren’t making any modifications, DO NOT click yes. That will allow hackers to access your sensitive information. The malware also spreads through Skype and USB thumb drives.

If your computer becomes infected, run a full scan with up-to-date anti-virus software. If the malware blocks access to security sites, download anti-virus software to an uninfected computer, transfer it to a USB drive and use that drive to run the anti-virus scan.