Harry Black doesn’t know you and isn’t giving you part of his lottery winnings

ID-10027339Sometimes I like to think about what I would do if I won the lottery. Ever done that?

If I won a big pot of money, I think I would give it away to random strangers I found by sending out a million emails. Sound like a plan?

Of course it doesn’t. Nobody would do that, including Canadian lottery winner Harry Black.

If you get an email from “Harry Black” offering to share part of his winnings, don’t fall for it. It’s nothing but a phishing scam designed to get your banking and other information. The email that a consumer just sent BBB states,

“Harry Black gave you part of his lottery winnings as charity contact him via e-mail” followed by an email address and “verify by clicking the link below.”

The link goes to a news story that indeed verifies that Harry Black won a jackpot playing the Canadian lottery. It says nothing about him giving away money to random strangers — though the comments are full of people talking about the email.

It turns out that receiving a big chunk of money from a lottery winner you never met is even more unlikely than winning the lottery yourself.

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