FTC busts seller of fake postal jobs

ID-100128578The Federal Trade Commission announced a crackdown on operators of an alleged federal jobs scam. Career Exams, Inc., O’Brien Marketing, Inc., Jeryn B. Lee, and Derek Jackson have been banned from selling employment products or services. 

Last year, as part of Operation Lost Opportunity, the FTC charged the defendants with running deceptive advertisements for U.S. Postal Service jobs that didn’t exist.  The FTC alleged that the defendants convinced consumers to pay $120 up front by claiming Postal Service jobs were available near them. However, all the consumers got for their money was a booklet of general information about the hiring process for the federal civil service and Postal Service. 

The settlement bans the defendants from selling employment products or servicesand prohibits them from misrepresenting any products and services that they market or sell in the future.

Under the settlement, the defendants will surrender approximately $45,000 worth of cash and investments.  The orders also impose a $4.8 million judgment that will be partially suspended based on the defendants’ inability to pay the full judgment.  If the defendants are found to have misrepresented their financial condition, the full judgment will become due immediately.