AG’s office files action to halt practices of Beaumont-area dating service

Restraining order and asset freeze names Matchmaker and Sagejax Inc.

ID-100128578It hasn’t been long since BBB warned the public to watch out for dating scams. Now it seems the Attorney General’s office has been on the case, investigating a specialized dating service that  targeted senior citizens, disabled Texans and veterans–and falsely claimed to have Better Business Bureau’s endorsement.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has obtained a temporary restraining order and asset freeze alleging that the dating service misled customers about the nature of its services and violated state debt collection laws.

Named in the state’s enforcement action are Javier Luna and several entities – including Matchmaker, Sagejax Inc. and Monterrey Financial Services Inc., a debt collector.

The defendants allegedly made cold calls to select individuals to encourage them to join their fee-based dating service. Potential customers were reportedly told falsely that the dating service’s database included thousands of individuals. The defendants also allegedly claimed falsely that they had Better Business Bureau’s endorsement.

Those who expressed interest were encouraged to visit the defendants’ office for an in-person consultation, where they were reportedly subjected to high pressure sales tactics. The defendants reportedly charged between $3,000 and $10,000 for their services. Those who chose not to join the service and pay the fee were told they had pay a “termination fee” or be referred to debt collection action by Monterrey Financial.

The AG’s office is seeking to secure frozen assets to satisfy a future court judgment on behalf of senior citizens and others who were harmed by the defendants.