Spoiled Rotten Kids, Baby of Mine Boutique rack up complaints of late and unshipped orders

ID-1008377Some parents who order birthday outfits from Temple, Texas-based Spoiled Rotten Kids or Baby of Mine Boutique, might see their children grow to adulthood before the items arrive.

Better Business Bureau has found that the two companies, both owned by Tyler Brown and located at 723 Copper Ridge Loop in Temple, have a pattern of disputes alleging delivery issues. Some complainants have stated they paid for products that were not received. Others have stated they paid for products that when delivered were incomplete or incorrect. Complainants are seeking delivery of items or a refund.

As of July 9, 2013, BBB has received 32 complaints about Baby of Mine Boutique in the last three years. The company did not respond to 23 complaints and failed to resolve one complaint.

As of July 9, 2013, BBB has received 15 complaints about Spoiled Rotten Kids. The company did not respond to 13 complaints and failed to resolve one complaint.

Whitney Briggs of Frisco, Texas said she never received the “onesie” outfit she ordered from Spoiled Rotten Kids (spoiledrotten-kids.com). She said the company took her money, but would not ship her order, refund her money or respond to her concerns.

“It was supposed to take three to five weeks for delivery,” she said. “I waited and waited. After five weeks I emailed.  I found a phone number and called and it said the mailbox was full. I emailed them through their site and messaged their Facebook page twice, but got no response. I saw they had just posted on Facebook, so they were still operating their page. They never answered any messages.” Briggs said the outfit is now so late it would not be of any use because her daughter has grown too big to fit into it.

Kimberly Nations of Houston, Texas also ordered a “cowgirl princess” birthday outfit for her daughter from Spoiled Rotten Kids and never received it. She said she received a refund of her $25 fee for a rush order, but did not receive a refund for the $119 price of the outfit.

“On their Facebook I saw lots of people complaining and asking for her to email them about their order,” Nations said, noting that her comments were deleted and she was then blocked from commenting on the SRK Facebook page. “She [SRK owner Tyler Brown] kept giving me the runaround and ignored me. Even if I don’t get my money, I think it’s wrong for her website to still be up harming customers. The Spoiled Rotten Kids website is still being updated with outfits. If I got it now, my daughter wouldn’t fit in the outfit. She’s 2 years old. It’s already 4 months past.”

Rachel Johnson of Jenkins, Kentucky said she ordered a birthday outfit from Baby of Mine Boutique (babyofmineboutique.com) on Aug. 24, 2012. The ensemble included a $29 hair bow that was to be shipped separately. She said the shirt and tutu arrived, but the hair bow did not.

“I ordered the outfit for my daughter’s third birthday,” Johnson said. “I never got the money back and the bow never came. I got hold of someone who said they would credit the money for the bow, but they never did. I e-mailed them several times asking where the money was, but I got no response after that.”

Angela Blalock of Hiram, Georgia said she ordered an outfit for her daughter from Spoiled Rotten Kids and never received the outfit or a refund.

“I ordered it to be here on a certain date,” Blalock said. “I wanted it by my daughter’s birthday. I gave them a month ahead of time. She [SRK owner Tyler Brown] said that would do. I got an e-mail four days before she said I would have the outfit. Then I got an e-mail the day before my daughter’s birthday saying the package was on its way. I thought, how is it going to get from Texas to Georgia overnight? It never arrived. I got no more answers. I kept checking my credit card balance to see if she would refund the money. I got no money back.”

BBB offers the following tips for online shopping:

  • Pay with a credit card. Under federal law, charges made on a credit card can be disputed as long as your letter reaches the credit card issuer within 60 days after the first bill containing the error was mailed to you. Many card issuers also have “zero liability” policies under which the card holder pays nothing if someone steals the credit card number and uses it.
  • Keep documentation of your order. After completing the online order process, there should be a final confirmation page or an email confirmation. Print and save any receipts for future reference.
  • Know your rights. Federal law requires that orders made by mail, phone or online be shipped by the date promised or, if no delivery time was stated, within 30 days. If the goods aren’t shipped on time, the shopper can cancel and demand a refund. There is no general three-day cancellation right, but consumers do have the right to reject merchandise if it’s defective or was misrepresented. Otherwise, it’s the company’s policies that determine if the shopper can cancel the purchase and receive a refund or credit.
  • Do your research. Check the company’s BBB Business Review at bbb.org before making a purchase to see its BBB rating, complaint history and more.