Businesses report bogus BBB ‘are you planning to move?’ phone calls

scam-alert-pic-150x150Your Better Business Bureau has received reports this week from businesses that got numerous unwanted phone calls from people claiming to be from BBB who asked if they were planning to relocate. Long story short: It wasn’t from us.

According to one business representative, the callers appeared to have Indian accents and sounded like they were calling from a busy call center. Calling the phone number the call supposedly came from (1-889-705-3113 in one instance) got an automated “this call cannot be completed as dialed” response.

This is a pretty common scam that happens to businesses all across the country. The callers will claim to be from different government agencies depending on the state, or an organization like BBB. One scam caller reported to BBB claimed to be from  “the Texas Land Board.”

Callers reportedly ask for detailed personal and business information. It is likely a phishing scam, designed to get information that can be used for illicit purposes, or a means of gathering a list of leads that can be sold to moving or other companies.

BBB does not track company movements. We might sometimes call to update or verify an address, but we do not and would not ask companies if they are planning to move.


  1. Jean Rogers says:

    This same group of people has been calling our company under the guise of several different company names for two years now. They must have a list. They call us using a different spoofed number once we block them at our switch. This isn’t going to end. They’ll just move on to pretending to be another government agency with a different phone number.

    1. It’s annoying to me also. When I can, I like to at least call the scammers and give them a hard time, try to make them give me business details I know they won’t really give me. With these guys, you can’t call them back. The number goes nowhere.

  2. Brandn says:

    This telephone number is calling businesses in the Seattle Area. Watch out!

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