Don’t get scammed by bogus debt collectors — or pushed around by real ones

ID-10034353BBB recently got a call from a consumer in the San Antonio area who got a scary phone call: A man claiming to be an attorney said she owed $7,500 and if she didn’t pay, she would be sued. The alleged attorney claimed to represent a “court in New York.” The consumer said she didn’t owe the debt, didn’t know anything about it, but was frightened by the caller’s threats.

First of all, the caller was most likely not an attorney or even a real debt collector, but someone trying to pull a scam. In any case, if you do get called by a debt collector, don’t panic. Even if you do legitimately owe the debt, you have rights and there are certain rules debt collectors must follow.

For a list of debt collector’s rules and consumer advice for dealing with debt collectors, check out the article we posted in April:  CPSI collects consumer complaints of threats and harassment.