FTC introduces new website for consumers

The Federal Trade Commission has launched consumer.ftc.gov, a new website that provides information to help inform consumers.

According to the site’s blog:

The site is dynamic and integrates a slew of features, including videos and games, better search results, and a blog. The information has been streamlined to highlight actionable, practical tips about a wide range of topics — from getting your free credit reports, buying a car, and protecting your personal information all the way to evaluating claims for weight loss products, judging potential business opportunities, and dealing with those irritating, illegal robocalls. A new Scam Alerts page features blog posts, searchable by topic, that can save you money, headaches, and time.

The new site is a wonderful resource to complement the information on Watch Your Buck, helping you become even better protected against scams, identity theft and fraud. It also offers resources to help you manage debt, save money and shop smart.