Did you order a computer from BlueHippo? You may have some money headed your way.

The Texas Attorney General announced this week that it has secured an agreed judgement with BlueHippo’s sole shareholder, Joseph K. Rensin, for violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Under the agreement, Rensin will pay  $175,000 in restitution after BlueHippo allegedly accepted payment for personal computers that it did not deliver. Rensin and his company are also prohibited from attempting to collect any debt Texans may owe because of their dealings with BlueHippo.

Attorney General Greg Abbott issued the following statement:

“The BlueHippo firms violated state law when it took Texans’ money and refused to deliver the computers or equipment customers purchased. The State’s investigation also showed that BlueHippo unlawfully refused to honor refund requests and withdrew payments from customers’ bank accounts without their permission. Today’s court order requires the defendants to pay $175,000 in restitution so that Texans who were defrauded by BlueHippo can seek reimbursement for financial losses they suffered because of the defendants’ unlawful conduct.”

You can claim your piece of the restitution by filing a claim form by early February.