“Visual voucemail” scams download virus to your computer

Yet, another new scam is targeting consumers. A twist to the phishing email, these “visual voicemail” emails provide consumers a link to “listen” to a new voice message. When clicked, consumers are directed to an offshore website. Since this is a new scam, BBB hasn’t confirmed what scams, viruses or malware await the other end.

How the Scam Works:

The email appears to come from Microsoft Outlook on “Behalf of an Anonymous Caller.”  Of the cases reported to BBB, consumers are receiving emails that contain an “email ID”  that appears to be from an internal company email address.  For example, an employee at business ABC would receive a message citing email ID “voice.mail@ABC.com.

If you receive an email like this, BBB advises you to delete the email immediately. Do not click on any links or respond to the email.

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  1. What’s crazy is that T-Mobile actually provides this “Visual Voicemail” feature to its customers. Wow, I mean is there an end to these scammers?

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