“You’ve been tagged in a Facebook photo” email scam

While we all enjoy looking at photos on Facebook, you might want to think twice before clicking on an email link claiming you’ve been tagged in a Facebook photo. Mashable is reporting that scam emails are being sent out that can actually download malware to your computer.

With very similar looking names, emails from “Faceboook” (with three O’s) as opposed to “Facebook” provide users with a link to go to see the photo they were “tagged” in. While it might appear you’ve been taken to the regular Facebook page, you are actually being directed to an iFrame script that exposes your computer to malware.

Look closely at any email you receive appearing to come from Facebook and make sure it is actually from Facebook. If you have any hesitations, delete the email and go directly to your Facebook page to see if you’ve been tagged in any photos.


  1. Gopal Das says:

    I think everybody should check out the Scam Detector app. I believe they’re online as well.

  2. Yes, that is definitely a great place to turn to. The Scam Detector app is one of the most comprehensive scam resources out there.

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