Consider sending your next package to a secure locker

Thanks to the Internet, you can find just about anything you need or want online, and you can shop anywhere in the world. But getting your goods may be another story.

Many homeowners do not want packages to just sit on their front step all day; not all apartment complexes have someone that can sign for packages; and not every workplace will allow personal deliveries. So what to do?

The U.S. Post Office and Amazon recently introduced the concept of secure lockers where packages can be securely dropped off and then picked up when it’s convenient for you. The Post Office has GoPost, and recently introduced Amazon Locker.

Both services work the same – you can designate your shipment go to a lock box and once the package arrives the shipper will email you a PIN that will open the box. GoPost lockers are located in Post Offices, of course, but USPS is adding them to grocery stores, shopping centers and transportation hubs. Amazon Lockers are available in certain 7-11 stores in four cities (New York, Seattle, London and Arlington, VA).

While some don’t mind packages waiting on their doorstep, for those that do care, this could be the perfect solution.

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