Is Classy Car Parts ‘Crazy’?

Ownership questions and consumer complaints lead to warning from BBB about Crazy Car Parts and Classy Car Parts

The owner of Classy Car Parts may also be a little ‘Crazy.’ Two businesses — Classy Car Parts and Crazy Car Parts — are listed with Comal County as having the same address and same owner, Anthony Boult.

Consumers have contacted BBB about both companies, alleging the companies sold them used car parts and either didn’t deliver the parts or delivered substandard or damaged parts. Consumers have told BBB they had trouble getting refunds from both companies.

But despite records showing otherwise, the owner of Classy Car Parts has told BBB that his name is Anthony Noble, that he doesn’t know an Anthony Boult and his company is not related in any way to Crazy Car Parts. This has left at least five Crazy Car Parts customers in the lurch, as Noble refuses to address their complaints to BBB.

In addition, Classy Car Parts has not answered one of the complaints filed against it.

As a result, BBB issued a warning about both Classy Car Parts and Crazy Car Parts.

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