Travelers laptops being targeted by hackers through hotel internet connection

The FBI recently issued a warning to consumers about “malicious actors targeting travelers abroad through pop-up windows while they are establishing an Internet connection in their hotel rooms.”

The FBI determined that once consumers were longing on to their computer attempting to connect to the internet they  were being presented with a pop-up window notifying them to update their software. The pop-up appeared to be offering a routine update to software for which updates are frequently available. Those consumers that accepted and installed the updates were really installing malicious software to their computers.

The FBI suggests:

– Those who travel abroad take extra caution before updating software products through their hotel Internet connection.

– Check the author or digital certificate of any prompted update to see if it corresponds to the software vendor.

– Travelers perform software updates on laptops immediately before traveling, and that they download software updates directly from the software vendor’s website if updates are necessary while abroad.

See the full alert here: